Bolivian Food, the Jewel of South American Cuisine

Bolivian dishes are similar to other South American dishes and use native staples of potatoes, corn and beans paired with rice, wheat and meat. The cooking styles in Bolivia differ between the highland and lowland regions so there are many different approaches to dishes and ingredients and the dishes suit the climate of each area. Salteñas, perhaps one of the most popular Bolivian recipes, is similar to an empanada pastry stuffed with meats and is eaten as a snack or meal.

Bolivian drinks recipes consist of teas and coffee as well as api, a breakfast beverage that is served hot. Lunch is the main meal of the day in Bolivia and usually consists of many courses.  Other popular Bolivian food dishes are spicy chicken and chicken stew, sausages, corn pastries and quinoa and bean salads. Llajua, a spicy salsa, also accompanies many dishes. After eating hearty meals, Bolivian dessert recipes will fulfill any sweet tooth with cakes and empanadas stuffed with fruit.

Bolivian dishes are not difficult to prepare and do not require a lot of ingredients but they are famous for their variety. They use many different kinds of chilies that can be substituted with what you have available or ones that are less spicy. Frequently used items in cooking like aji, can be substituted with turmeric or chuño substituted for potatoes. The techniques used in cooking the dishes are boiling, frying, seasoning, salting, steaming and many others. Whatever your tastes, you are sure to love Bolivian dishes and recipes.

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